Child Custody Facts for Cypress Dads

Child custody matters are always among the most serious cases that judges here. The lives of so many people are at stake during this case and ultimately, the judge wants what’s best for the children. If you are the father of a child who is now involved in a custody battle, the frustrations the case brings may cause you even more trouble and worry than you feel already. It seems that fathers are at a considerable disadvantage whereas custody is concerned.

Whenever a custody issue arrives in your life, do not take the matter sitting down. Reach out to a custody lawyer cypress tx at once to learn what’s the best in the case. The lawyer offers guidance and support that makes a tremendous difference in your comfort during the case and the overall outcome when the matter is complete. Lawyers offer no cost consultations to get you started.

Apart from the importance of hiring a lawyer to represent you in court, there’s more important child custody information to keep in mind. This includes:

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·    Dads are awarded custody in only 18.4% of all cases brought to court.

·    Fathers receive an average of 10% less in child support than mothers.

·    Dads without custody speak to their children an average of four times per month.

·    Most dads without custody say they rarely help the kids do their homework.

When a lawyer is there to represent the case in court, your odds of winning increase but that’s only one of the benefits that you enjoy. You gain assurance in the matter and feel better knowing the best results are coming your way. This matter is important and should be treated as such. Talk to a lawyer and get the legal expertise that you need and deserve.