Top Reasons Why You Would Need A Business Lawyer

When we decide to start and run a business our goal is to make money, provide for our families and build a future that is better than the one we are currently facing.  As we start a business, we will need others to help us out in times of need.  One of these people may be a Business litigation Jacksonville professional that will help us navigate issues that arise.


Contracts are huge in business.  When we enter into a contract, we are creating a binding agreement between several parties.  This agreement will state what responsibilities each party is liable for and what consequences they will face if they don’t follow through with their side of the contract.

Intellectual property

Each business is built on ideas and a specific way of doing things.  In many cases employees will be required to sign a intellectual property agreement that states that if they work on a specific project or idea, that that idea or project is the property of the company.  Basically, how this works is you are being paid for your ideas and your labor in order to create them.  So, whatever the company decides to do with them you don’t get a cut in those profits or loses.

Business litigation Jacksonville


When working for a company for awhile you might learn how to do a specific task or group of tasks very well.  Over time you may feel that you could take that information and start your own company.  However, many large companies will have you sign a non-compete agreement before they will release you from any contracts or agreements you currently hold.  This agreement basically states that for a period of so many years you will not start or work for a similar business in this particular field.  If you do, then you could be subject to fines and other punishment.

When running a business there is a lot of stuff you could use legal representation on.  Make sure that you hire the right people to handle anything you may encounter.

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