6 Facts About Bail Bonds

Do you need to make a bail bond for a loved one who is in jail? If so, you probably have many questions that need answers. After all, it isn’t everyday that we post bail bonds Allentown PA for our loved ones. Put your mind at ease with the six facts about bail bonds on the list below.

1.    Lower Fees: Bail bondsmen only charge 10% of the court-ordered bond amount, making it easier to come up with the money needed to bail out and regain your freedom. Why not save money and get out of jail?

2.    24/7 Service: Did you know that bondsmen are available to make a bond day or night? Why sit in jail longer waiting on the court to open when bondsmen are one call away?

3.    Bondsman Fee: In addition to the 10% of the bond amount, the bondsman also charges a small fee for his service. This fee varies so ask ahead of time.

4.    Compare Bondsmen: So many people are eager to get out of jail and call the first bondsman in town, unaware that they’re not all created equally. Be sure to compare bondsman and have someone on hand to call in the event that it becomes necessary. You never know what life will throw your way.

5.    Go to Court: When you post a bond with a bondsman to get out of jail, you agree to appear in court on the date and time scheduled by the courts. Failure to appear is a crime and results in a bench warrant for your arrest as well as revocation of your bond.

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6.    No Extra Services: Don’t expect a bail bondsman to get the bond amount reduced, deliver messages to a loved one, etc. It is not within their rights of things they can control.